5 Rodents Signs to Call Pest Control in Cambridge

Do you think you have a rodent problem in your home but don’t know how to confirm it? Seeing a mouse scurrying around your floor is a sure sign of pest infestation. Nonetheless, signs of sneaky pests, such as mice and rats, are more subtle. Thus, it’s not a walkover for homeowners to identify a rodent infestation in their homes. 5 signs can indicate a rodent problem in your home. You may look for those signs first to confirm the mice or rat infestation and call pest control in Cambridge.

5 Signs You’re Facing a Rodent Infestation in Your Home

Look for the following five signs on your property to corroborate a rodent infestation in your residential space:

Rodent Droppings:

Seeing pest droppings inside or around your property is a clear sign you are facing a pest infestation. Rodents, such as mice and rats, will make meals out of the food they may find around home your home. Commonly, mice and rats leave their droppings in the same area where they look for food. Seeing rodent droppings inside cabinets, underneath sinks, and along kitchen baseboards, are sure signs of a rodent infestation.

Gnaw Marks:

Another sign to identify a rodent infestation is looking for gnaw marks. Usually, rats like chewing things more than mice. At times, rats may chew objects to find materials for building their nests. Rodents may also gnaw on objects on a property to access water or food. Gnawed moulding, torn fabric, nibbled-on boxes, and chewed electrical wires or plumbing are strong signs of a rodent infestation.   

Unusual Sounds:

You may hear strange sounds appearing from inside your walls or ceilings. Moreover, unusual noises coming from the walls or ceilings may not allow you to sleep peacefully at night. You can hear scuttling, squeaking, scraping, and scratching sounds around the inside of your walls when rodents in your home scavenge for food. Rodents are extremely active at night, and it’s easy to detect their noises when the house is quiet. If rodents find a way to build a nest in your home, you need to call pest control in Cambridge. Besides, Pesticon is a  reliable residential pest control service to get rid of rodents safely from the house for good.

Tracks and Marks:

Rodents leave subtle signs of their existence on a property while scurrying around it. Unearth dirt tracks, scratch marks on floors/walls, and greasy residue around mouldings to identify if rodents are present. If you see the aforementioned elements repeatedly appearing on your property, it also means rodents have built a nest.

Discovering a Nest:

You may find a rat or a mouse nest while investigating for rodents on your property. If you do so, you should immediately call professionals at rodent control in Cambridge to exterminate rodents from your .home

Why Should You Always Call Professionals to Exterminate a Rodent Infestation?

In the warmer months, you may not encounter rodents in your home. However, rodents can infest your home in colder months unless you take the necessary precautions against them. Getting rid of a rodent infestation should always remain a priority to you. Otherwise, you will risk the health of your household and the safety of your property. Calling professionals is the best thing you can do to deal with a rodent infestation successfully.


You may suspect a rodent problem in your home but don’t know how to confirm that. You should look for the following signs to identify a rodent infestation in your home:

  1. Rodent droppings
  2. Gnaw marks
  3. Strange sounds
  4. Tracks and marks
  5. Mouse or rat nest

Call pest control in Cambridge instantly if you confirm a rodent infestation on your property. Otherwise, you will risk the health of your household alongside your property safety.

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