5 Most Popular Real Estate Projects in Islamabad

The real estate industry in any country speaks for itself in terms of profits earned with high and low investments. Because investors can expect a high ROI, they also should look forward to the higher risks too when investing. Pakistan is a hub for real estate activities in popular cities more so than ever. Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Gujranwala, etc are among the top-tier cities with the latest real estate projects. 

But some real estate projects in Islamabad outdid other schemes because of fast selling plots, clean environment, and of course the location. 

Why Choose Islamabad for your Next Real Estate Investment? 

Islamabad is one of the popular cities in Pakistan that offers a serene and peaceful ambiance for those people who want to enjoy the perks of a big city but without the added hassle. 

Because it’s a planned city, the population is balanced in most areas thanks to the developmental projects that began a few years ago. Fast forward now, people are more likely to invest in real estate projects in Islamabad for a plethora of financial reasons. 

Popular Real Estate Projects in Islamabad for Investment 

1- Nexus Mall  

Located near Bahria Town Phase 8, lies the Nexus Mall, the best investment in malls and hotels for business clients. 

It is one of the high-rising development projects that spread over 13 Kanals and is considered to be a major game-changer for the local businessmen. According to reports, Nexus Mall’s building will be the second-highest infrastructure in Punjab! 

So if you are a businessman looking for future cashable investments for your brand, Nexus Mall should be your next stop. 

2- Nova City 

Close to CPEC Route, Nova City is a popular real estate project known for commercial and residential zones. 

How is it any different than Nexus Mall? The main aim of initiating this project is to offer the local folks of Islamabad and Rawalpindi a lifetime connection. People can travel back and forth easily with the Nova City bridging its way to the help of netizens. 

Because the scheme is accessible for the twin cities, its popularity keeps increasing for those who have a constant need to travel back and forth for their personal or business reasons. 

The good news is that an investor can find a suitable plot for an appropriate amount. 

3- Rudn Enclave 

Located next to Adyala Road is the entourage of commercial and residential real estate namely, Rudn Enclave. The name itself brings out the USP as compared to other real estate projects in Islamabad. 

If you are looking to invest in Islamabad, with a gated community, Rudn Enclave maybe is the right answer for you. Society is modern and perfect for those looking to maintain a certain lifestyle. People can start investing from 5 Marla plots to 1 Kanal plot. If interested in constructing a farmhouse, you can invest as high as 8 Kanals! 

4- Grand Millennium 

A surprise awaits your arrival at Bahria Town, Islamabad with the name Grand Millennium! We all know Islamabad is a fast-developed city with proper landscaping done by the engineers. When thinking to invest in real estate, consider apartment investment. Grand Millennium is the perfect opportunity for those interested to buy or sell apartments. 

It consists of two towers – one for hotel furnished apartments while the other one is for luxury residential apartments. The high-rise building offers the best scenic views of the city and hills! 

5- Capital Smart City 

Real estate talk about Islamabad is incomplete without Capital Smart City. recently it has come into further limelight due to NHA approval for the M2-Motorway. It’s a huge deal for traveling buisnessmen and residents because they can get stuck in traffic otherwise. 

Just a few minutes’ drive from the airport, Capital Smart City is also surrounded by other real estate projects under development which means the residential and commercial plots are high in demand than ever. You can easily get your hands on budget-friendly or luxurious houses, shared villas, and farmhouses! 


Now you know several investment opportunities lie in Islamabad, the capital city. Invest smartly, so by the time you are done paying the installments for any of the above-mentioned real estate projects, you can expect a heavy sum of ROI in your bank accounts. After all, a real estate investment will reflect your future. 

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