5 Montessori Math Materials Used By Top Pre Schools In Ahmedabad

The whole concept of the Montessori curriculum is to help a child understand concepts through materials that give them the opportunity to explore, make mistakes and correct themselves repeatedly. The materials become more abstract as they come at par with every milestone, thus giving them a deep understanding of the workings of the concept.

Choose a Montessori curriculum in top schools in Ahmedabad to ensure your child is learning in the right environment.

The advantage of a well-curated Montessori curriculum is that it uses a wide array of such materials to explore key basic concepts in subjects like Math, Language and Science.

How is Math taught in preschools in Ahmedabad that follow the Montessori method?

The Math materials designed for the preschool Montessori curriculum gives children an opportunity with hands-on and visual learning. Listed below are a few materials used in preschool Ahmedabad and how they are used inside the classroom.

5 Math Montessori Materials used by a top school in Ahmedabad:

  1. Bead Frames

Very similar to an abacus, the bead frames are engaging and colorful frames that enable children to understand core concepts of Math like Place Value and Decimals. The bead frame has four wires across with 10 beads strung inside each of them. Each wire has a different colour and depicts the place values; units, tens, hundreds and thousands.

Students often find this a lot more interesting to explore than the traditional method of writing place values. This material gives children a strong foundation on decimals and hence they are well prepared to transition to higher grades when the concepts get more challenging.

  1. Number Rods

Number rods are sets of wooden rods ranging from shortest to tallest in order. The smallest rod has one single unit and the tallest rod has 10 units. Each unit is differentiated with alternating colours of red and blue thus helping children understand the concept of numbers, counting and smaller or greater concepts. The number rods are usually arranged in random order and the child will arrange the rods according to their sizes and units.

  1. Bead Chains
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Bead chains are the most popular materials in every Montessori preschool in Ahmedabad. The chains are used to acquire a number of Math concepts like base-ten numbering system, skip counting, squaring, cubing and multiplication.

Children touch these bead chains and say the number aloud and arrange the numbers to the beads. The beads can be arranged in 10s and 100s according to the child’s level and the corresponding number cards or tickets are to be matched with these beads. This is a wonderful way to gain a strong conceptualization of numbers.

  1. Cards and Counters
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Cards and Counters are a stock of dots and number cards that represent each number in the numerical system. The idea is to help quantify appropriately and arrange the dots in even pairs. This also gives them a clear understanding and a visual impression of odd and even numbers.

  1. Spindle Box
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The Spindle Box consists of a box that has numbers named to each compartment and there are a number of spindles where the child picks up each spindle and allocates them into these compartments according to the numerical value. It also gives them the concept of zero in the first compartment.


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