5 Different Types Of Skateboards To Choose The Best For You!

Skating is a widely played game and has now become a lifestyle sport.  There is increased popularity of skates worldwide. The time has gone where you just had traditional skateboards. Today skateboards have developed and grown from just ‘being wooden planks with wheels’ to many kinds. Are you a skater or love this sport?  Then you will enjoy reading this article as we talk about some different types of skateboards.

Ø  Types of skateboards

 Skating is not a recreational sport anymore, but it is also used as personal transport to move around. Many people have loved and preferred it since it came into being. You must have often seen teens going to school on this. The increased use of these decks has led to new inventions and kinds. If you are a skating fan, you will know what it means. How about having all these in your rack? A rack or a holder is a perfect place to keep your skateboards. Basically, it’s a wardrobe for skateboards. KO ramps offer a skateboard holder that is durable and easy to assemble. They also have skating essentials that you can purchase to create a great space to showcase your hobby. Consider buying a holder before you proceed, as you will not be able to resist experimenting after knowing new varieties of skateboards.

1.       Street style – As the name suggests, these boards are majorly used on the street and skateparks. They are thin and light in weight to create enough friction on the concrete floor. Its wheels are small but hard and durable. If you are a beginner, you must consider trying your hands at this first.

2.      Cruisers or mini cruisers- Their appearance is similar to a cruise ship. It is designed to make quick turns and twists by holding a strong grip on the ground. Cruiser’s wheels are soft and allow fast speed. It is majorly used on highways or to commute to far-off places. Another type that is included in this category is the mini cruiser. They are very compact in size and are in high demand for their portability. It is made of plastic and inexpensive. 

3.      Longboards- By this, we mean the old school board, which is still popular and used by many. It is wide with a nose and tail. The wheels are also larger in size. If you have inherited your love for skating from your family, you shall find one of these somewhere at home.

4.      Standard electric boards- Great thanks to technology for bringing this! It is the latest update that has an electric motor powered by batteries. It can be operated with a remote to control the speed. Do you plan to reach your destination faster? You can consider these because it has the advantage of reducing manpower and is faster compared to other boards. The appearance has a cone-shaped look in the front and back to ensure speed. These are a little expensive but will save you money in the long run.

5.  Double kick popsicle- It is a wonderful innovation that enables kick at both ends. They are usually wider and longer and are used by experts to perform tricks. Ollies flip and switches are possible with this board as it eases the process. Their hard wheels can withstand falls and landings by providing balance. If you are trained in skating, you can go with this board to ensure maximum satisfaction by performing with it.

Can’t wait to try them all? You will be surprised to know that these are just broad categories, and there are many other types. You can choose any of them based on your experience and function. The best one for you can be determined after experimenting on a few. Ensure that you take care of your beloved boards, and beware of your safety by using helmets and pads.

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By Cary Grant

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