Metal straws have become quite popular nowadays mostly because it being a more environmentally friendly option as compared to plastic straws. Plastic as we know is not easily biodegradable and can stay in the environment for over a thousand years. Plastics do not decompose easily and are seen hampering the natural environment all over the planet. Being eco-friendly is not the only reason for metal straws to find such wide acceptance among people, it offers so many other benefits also. Basically using metal straws has much more practical reasons to be preferred than its plastic counterparts.


Being small and light in weight makes metal straws easy to carry in anything. If you are willing to give up plastic straws altogether you should always carry metal straws with you and being easy to carry makes them portable and all the more likable. When one wants to inculcate a new habit, the best way to go about it is to choose easy options that can be easily implemented.


If you have just moved to Sydney or have been living there for quite some while now you must have realized the fragility of the ecosystem. If you switch to using metal straws it means that you are not going to the ever-increasing waste of plastic straws. A metal straw that has been used for quite some time now will end up at some metal recycling in Sydney and in no way add to the waste. This recyclable property of metal straws makes them an absolute favorite amongst all the people who are determined to save the environment from a plastic disaster.


Unlike plastic straws, metal straws can be used again for as long as you like. Carrying them always with oneself will ensure that there is no need of using any other kind of straws. These can be easily cleaned with the help of water and used again as if they were new. 


Plastics are not just hazardous to the environment but also to humans. Plastics are known to leave some plastic particles on the food you eat when used with them, especially low-grade plastics. This is known to cause many kinds of cancers in human beings. Switching to safer options like metal instead of plastic containers and straws will definitely be an advantage as far as your health is concerned.


Can you imagine the cumulative costs that have been incurred due to the usage of a single person in the span of one lifetime? It is definitely going to be much more than the cost of at least ten metal straws. Even if a single metal straw is not saving a lot of money, developing a habit of using metal straws only over a period of time can make a huge difference to the amount of money spent. 

The two major advantages of using metal straws are that their usage is beneficial to the environment and the second one is that their usage does not impact landfills. Waste management has become a big problem in today’s world where the concerned people do not always know how to handle the ever-increasing volumes of waste all the time. This exponential crisis can only be dealt with if the input of garbage is controlled to a certain extent. Newer strategies need to be devised to take care of huge piles of garbage. The use of more and more recyclable materials is the way forward to make this world a better place.

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By Cary Grant

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